Friday, 20 June 2014

This is my 3rd week of swimming mornings.  I am really enjoying it and its getting easier to get up at 530am.  My favourite is Friday morning because Dad takes me out for breakfast after swimming, we usually go to MacDonalds but this last time we went to Subway.  I tried a bacon egg and cheese sub which I thought would be disgusting with the egg bit but to my surprise it tasted delicious!!  I wanted it again for tea that night.  Today we had soccor and had to go to Waimate, half the team got lost so we played quite late, on the way home Nicholas and I ate all the chocolates when his Dad wasn't looking and Nicholas hid the wrappers in the car door handles.  I think he saw them but didn't say anything.  We won the game.
I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, Dad says we are not allowed to get up until 830 but I bet Danny wakes everyone up early as usual!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dad and I are so proud you are working hard to improve your swimming and it's great you are enjoying it, if you work hard you will see the rewards. I laughed alot at the chocolate wrapper story, very funny!
    From Mum and Dad