Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I think it is very important that everyone knows how to swim so I will tell you how to the strokes.
Competitive swimming started in Europe in the 1800s mostly using breaststroke. Swimming was part of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. Drawings from the Stone Age were found in the cave of swimmers near wadi Sara in the southwest part of Egypt. The Greeks did not include swimming in the ancient Olympics but practiced the sport very often. Usually they would build swimming pools as their baths. The Germanic folkore describes swimming as a successful way of using in wars against the Romans. Swimming competitors are also known in that time.
Now I will teach you about Freestyle. First you need to be able to float and put your head under the water. Then you need to be able to kick with a board and also pop up breath. Then you have to bring one arm over at a time over your head. You also need to do long stretch arms. Again you also need good rotation in your shoulders.
Now you need to know how to do Backstroke you need good rotation in your shoulders and bring one arm over your head and behind. Also keep your eyes looking at the roof of the swimming pool> Again when you stretch your arms you go faster. Your pinkie enters the water first. You also need to have a good kick to get you going faster.
Finally I will tell you about my best stroke Breaststroke. It takes a long time to get the hang of it. First you turn your feet out and keep your knees together. Then you turn your legs out. If you want to go faster and you don’t get tired as quick.
                                   Tumble turns
In Squad you can’t stop at the wall and do a tumble turn. Which is a forward roll at the wall and then push off.
We also have to in Squad Dive into the water in Squad. You put your left foot at the back of the block and your other at the other side of the block. Then you put your hands by your feet then push off
Charlie Gilbert            



  1. Nice work on Describing swimming

  2. An interesting report on swimming Charlie. You have described the different swimming styles clearly. It must be because you are doing so well in the squad yourself ! Keep up the hard work Charlie.