Saturday, 7 June 2014

On the Queens Birthday weekend  me and my friend Mannix, also my brother and a lot of other people went to Moana pool in Dunedin for a swim meet.
We stayed at Dunedin holiday park and got to play on devices, we also had free internet.
We were racing 150 other people from different towns or city's in my age group. I got 25th for the stroke I was fastest at-breaststroke!
We had dinner at this place called Waterloo which was real nice. For lunch we had fill your own wraps but I made a burger instead it was a real fun weekend. People were making fart noises late the first night and the girls next to our room were banging on the walls, everyone got told off, our ipods were confiscated except my other friend who had an mp3 player because he was being quiet and listening to music.
My friend Mannix was snoring a bit and all the parents said our room smelt bad, I couldn't smell it.  Neither could any of my roomies.
We could smell something around the toilet so maybe someone didn't flush???