Saturday, 28 June 2014

Today we had a relaxing day at home, Danny and I played Minecraft on the Xbox.  This afternoon we went out on our motorbikes down the road, Dad's four wheeler is slow compared to my Yamaha 80PWC , Mum was cross because I fed Benson again and now he is obese.

Monday, 23 June 2014

I had a real hard swim tonight. We were real lucky our coach gave us some Hero Cards which are cards that you get when you shop at countdown. Every $20 you spend you get a Hero Card. But on Sunday they stopped selling them which disappointed the people who didn't finish the Hero Cards series. Apparently Dunedin schools couldn't swap any more cards because everyone fights over them and it doesn't end that flash. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

This is my 3rd week of swimming mornings.  I am really enjoying it and its getting easier to get up at 530am.  My favourite is Friday morning because Dad takes me out for breakfast after swimming, we usually go to MacDonalds but this last time we went to Subway.  I tried a bacon egg and cheese sub which I thought would be disgusting with the egg bit but to my surprise it tasted delicious!!  I wanted it again for tea that night.  Today we had soccor and had to go to Waimate, half the team got lost so we played quite late, on the way home Nicholas and I ate all the chocolates when his Dad wasn't looking and Nicholas hid the wrappers in the car door handles.  I think he saw them but didn't say anything.  We won the game.
I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, Dad says we are not allowed to get up until 830 but I bet Danny wakes everyone up early as usual!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I think it is very important that everyone knows how to swim so I will tell you how to the strokes.
Competitive swimming started in Europe in the 1800s mostly using breaststroke. Swimming was part of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. Drawings from the Stone Age were found in the cave of swimmers near wadi Sara in the southwest part of Egypt. The Greeks did not include swimming in the ancient Olympics but practiced the sport very often. Usually they would build swimming pools as their baths. The Germanic folkore describes swimming as a successful way of using in wars against the Romans. Swimming competitors are also known in that time.
Now I will teach you about Freestyle. First you need to be able to float and put your head under the water. Then you need to be able to kick with a board and also pop up breath. Then you have to bring one arm over at a time over your head. You also need to do long stretch arms. Again you also need good rotation in your shoulders.
Now you need to know how to do Backstroke you need good rotation in your shoulders and bring one arm over your head and behind. Also keep your eyes looking at the roof of the swimming pool> Again when you stretch your arms you go faster. Your pinkie enters the water first. You also need to have a good kick to get you going faster.
Finally I will tell you about my best stroke Breaststroke. It takes a long time to get the hang of it. First you turn your feet out and keep your knees together. Then you turn your legs out. If you want to go faster and you don’t get tired as quick.
                                   Tumble turns
In Squad you can’t stop at the wall and do a tumble turn. Which is a forward roll at the wall and then push off.
We also have to in Squad Dive into the water in Squad. You put your left foot at the back of the block and your other at the other side of the block. Then you put your hands by your feet then push off
Charlie Gilbert            


Monday, 16 June 2014

Its very wet today at our place I am home sick at home with a cold. Our interschool has been cancelled today So I think my class mates won't be happy

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Last night we went to Dunedin to see the All Blacks, we had awesome seats two rows back from the front.  we were very close when the All Blacks were warming up.  The funniest thing we saw was a man in the nude running out onto the field he was a streaker.  One of the stadium people sprinted after the nude man and made the best tackle of the night.  The crowd cheered and cheered and the police took him away.  The people behind us were drunk and swearing a lot.
We went to Filadelfios for dinner before the game and saw some of the England players having tea there.  I got a new All Black top, we also went to the museum and I got a nail art board that you press your face into to make shapes.  Danny and I made butt cheek prints in it, it was so funny.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

We are going to the all blacks game in Dunedin tomorrow night I will tell you how well the all blacks play I will also tell you about our soccer tomorrow. My Dad got in a draw to win my Mum an all blacks top.  Today Dad said some of the neighbours sheep escaped down the road, Dad ended up finding two of them in our garden, Mum was not happy!!
Tonight I'm going to watch Grown Ups 2 that I recorded on mysky.  I love the part when they jump off the rocks in the nude, so funny!  I missed swimming tonight, Mum and Dad thought I was too tired but I don't think so.

Monday, 9 June 2014

At school I have been doing speech and drama which we learn how to talk in front of lots of people
On Sunday morning  me and my dad were going to go around the farm. I went to get my hat but it smelled of urine. So I got Danny my younger brother to smell it and he said it smelled. When I got home my Mum said that mice had been living in our hats so that explained it. My Mum made my Dad sniff the hats to see if they needed a wash because she thought there would be a mouse in the hat basket. Lucky my cricket bag was zipped up.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

On the Queens Birthday weekend  me and my friend Mannix, also my brother and a lot of other people went to Moana pool in Dunedin for a swim meet.
We stayed at Dunedin holiday park and got to play on devices, we also had free internet.
We were racing 150 other people from different towns or city's in my age group. I got 25th for the stroke I was fastest at-breaststroke!
We had dinner at this place called Waterloo which was real nice. For lunch we had fill your own wraps but I made a burger instead it was a real fun weekend. People were making fart noises late the first night and the girls next to our room were banging on the walls, everyone got told off, our ipods were confiscated except my other friend who had an mp3 player because he was being quiet and listening to music.
My friend Mannix was snoring a bit and all the parents said our room smelt bad, I couldn't smell it.  Neither could any of my roomies.
We could smell something around the toilet so maybe someone didn't flush???