Saturday, 14 June 2014

Last night we went to Dunedin to see the All Blacks, we had awesome seats two rows back from the front.  we were very close when the All Blacks were warming up.  The funniest thing we saw was a man in the nude running out onto the field he was a streaker.  One of the stadium people sprinted after the nude man and made the best tackle of the night.  The crowd cheered and cheered and the police took him away.  The people behind us were drunk and swearing a lot.
We went to Filadelfios for dinner before the game and saw some of the England players having tea there.  I got a new All Black top, we also went to the museum and I got a nail art board that you press your face into to make shapes.  Danny and I made butt cheek prints in it, it was so funny.

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