Saturday, 14 February 2015

My Grandma died from cancer in november 25th 2014 She died at  only 66!

She loved to play the piano with my brother Danny He has a blog on the yr 6 2015 site.

My grandma didn't cook very often but did amazing dinners. My Grandma used to buy  really hot mustard and my Mum fainted it was so hot.

Grandma lived with my uncle Evan and my Grandad in a small house on a farm that my Grandad runs. My Grandad owns lots of sheep and irrigation but not big machinery. Grandma had lots of brothers and sisters and her  brother is a Minister.

She used to call all of her grandchildren once a week to see what everyone was up to. She loved doing patch work and made us all a quilt each. She was always helping in the community and at church.

When she found out she was dying she had two wishes. One of those wishes was to see our school swim sports. She loved watching our races and told everyone it was one of the happiest days of her life.

At her funeral i was asked to do a reading, I was pretty nervous but everyone said what a great job I did and how proud my Grandmother would have been.

I wish I could see her again and some day be with her in heaven.

By Charlie


  1. Hello Charlie.
    My name is Ierei.
    I go to St Pius X Catholic School.
    I am sorry for your lost.
    I am sure that your Grandma is in Heaven.
    Ierei :3

  2. What an emotional and effective piece of writing, Charlie. This really shows how much love you have for your grandma. Well done - it is written very sincerely and thoughtfully.