Saturday, 14 February 2015

About me project

              About me

My Achievements in my Life                                            

I have made it to the intermediate squad and have become a successful swimmer. I also have joined the swim club and started doing competitive swimming and trying to get times for the nationals.  These are the best swimmers in the country go to Wellington to compete against the best swimmers.

I got into the cricket rep team and played 50 over games with teams all over the south island and made good friends with people in my team. I love playing senior cricket sometimes in my dads team too.

I was chosen to be Deputy Head Boy at school for 2015 which i am real proud of.                              

I have been an ECB leader and went to preschool to look after kids, this prepares them for coming to St Josephs.

        My Strengths

My strengths are farming and riding motorbikes. I like to swim 8 times a week 5 nights and 3 mornings. On saturdays i play cricket which is my favourite sport apart from swimming. I am also very good at video games and using the internet. I like to hang out with my friends and have them over from time to time. I like P.E and learning new sports and games.
I communicate easily with others and don't mind speaking in front of a crowd.

       My weaknesses

My weaknesses are literacy because i don't like to practise at home. I can get off task quite easy and talk to my friends. I can find it quite hard to do a challenging task and most of the time i dont ask the teacher for help.

       My goals for this year

My goals for this year are to contribute more ideas to the teacher and to ask the teacher for help when i need it. Also to help out my license group and try to get them to become fully licensed students and helping them to make the right decisions in everything they do. Also to get them to learn how to use their google docs. I would like to read more books to help improve my literacy and writing skills.

       What helps me to work best

I like to use google documents to publish all my writing and show my mum and dad when i get home. I like to do research and search up interesting and new things to me. I also like to present things on google docs, make a poster or powerpoint to make the work interesting and fun to read. I like to have quiet time to get my work done.

Looking forward to this year

What i'm looking forward to this year is going on camp at the mountains for a week later in the year.  Swimming will Be an important part of my life  because i have good enough times and qualified to go to a swim event called the Town and Countries. The town and countries is below the nationals so basically everyone that hasn't qualified for the nationals can attend the town and counties.
I am looking forward to visiting St Kevin's for technology again and preparing myself for next year at high school.

 What is my future career

I would love to take over my dads farm and continue what my dad farms today. His farm is Lucerne which is like grass but animals love it. My dad hires a contractor that mows the Lucerne and then collects it. He then sells it to the dairy farmers who pay a high price for the Lucerne. My dad has 10 paddocks of Lucerne and gets great money each cut, but then my dad has to pay 33% of the money to the government. My dad also has cows and fattens them up ready to go to the works and lambs too.
I would love to work at the aquatic centre and help teach others to swim, maybe become a lifeguard.
My hobbies

What i like to do in my spare time is in the weekend/Holidays go around the farm with my dad on my motorbike and check the sheep and cattle with our farm dog paige.
On monday wednesday and friday morning i like to get up at 5.30 and start swimming at 6-7.30 in the morning with my squad friends. I like to go to motorbike trails with my friend and race on the off road tracks. I like to catch up with my friends at school and have them over sometimes in the weekend.

 Things my hub need to know about me

I am friendly and dependable and enjoy their company.

By Charlie

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  1. Hey Charlie,
    I Like how you have put your weakness, strength, hobbies, What you want to do in the future etc.
    I also liked the way you explained your Goals, weakness, hobbies etc.. I also like your title.
    Keep up the great work Charlie