Saturday, 14 February 2015

Glenn Maxwell
Lucky Break
By Patrick Loughlin

My love of cricket first made me want to read this book, it has a cartoon cricketer on the front cover which I thought looked interesting.
Glenn Maxwell is a famous Australian cricketer, who helps the writer with cricket bits throughout the story.
Will Albright is a twelve year old boy and captain of the cricket team.  He attends a cricket camp for T20 training, that's a short game when you only play 20 overs each.
There are same amazing cricket players at camp and he soon finds one is pretty mean and unfriendly, Darren 'Killer' McKinnon.
A funny part of the story is when they have a big food fight .
Wil has a night game of cricket when the ball lands on his toe and breaks it so Will has to continue with a sore foot.  At an important game he accidentally runs his best friend Shavil out when he wants to impress the selector.
In the end Will and Darren become friends and Will learns that to be successful they have to work as a team.  
The training sessions are very important because there are positions in the academy up for grabs.
I loved that at the end of this story there is a glossary of all the cricket terms and names used and also there are cricket tips,especially batting from Glenn Maxwell himself.
This book was easy to read and had short chapters so you could read it even when you don't have much time.
I would recommend this book to all fellow cricketers and anyone who enjoys watching the cricket and playing
I now have book two and plan to read that one next and next time we have a book review I will do that book - because already I’m halfway through it.

By Charlie

A strong piece of writing, Charlie - I can tell that you really enjoyed this book based on the good feedback and detail you have given about it.

You have a descriptive writing style and it is superb - but lets make consistent punctuation and re-reading of all sentences a focus. Re-read and look for natural pauses - capital letters and commas are important to help your writing flow.  This will look good on your blog - well done. 

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