Monday, 17 August 2015

Timaru 2nd August swim meet

At the beginning of August was the Timaru Winter Swim Meet held over two days.  For the first time, instead of  just entering everything I decided to enter the events I thought I could make better times in.
I entered the 200 IM, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyles, 200m and 50m breaststroke.
I knew the best Canterbury swimmers would be there and the competition would be tough.
I had a great day Saturday and swam great personal bests, on Sunday I had the 400m free which is 16 lengths of the pool.  I often forget to count and so I keep my eye on the best swimmer and when they're finished then I know I'm nearly finished.
I was totally focused on getting a good time, I started off strong and after three lengths i could hear Narcis, my coach, whistling at me to hurry up.  Every time I put my head to the side to breathe I heard his whistle, he knows how to time it just right.  With about five lengths to go I could also see Narcis walking up and down whistling, waving his arms to go harder.  It really hurt and I breathed on the other side so I couldn't see him egging me on.
When I had finished I felt dead.  My body ached and i was exhausted.  I took nearly a whole minute off my best time!  I went back to the team, Narcis said...."listen very carefully Charlie, very, very good...but i get half the credit for that!"  Turns out I qualified for the Junior Nationals with that time, but, unfortunately I turn 13 eight days before the Nationals so I cannot go.
We celebrated on the way home with Burger King!    

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