Sunday, 31 May 2015

Swimming Results

Hello everyone. I have just finished my swimming at the Neptune swim meet in Dunedin and will tell you the results....

[ IM is all the strokes in one race]
[ Relay is a group that swim a part each]

200m Breaststroke I got 6th place
100m IM I got 16th
50m Breaststroke I got 10th
100m Freestyle I got 15th
200m IM Relay we got 4th
50m Freestyle I got 19th
100m Fly I got 9th
200 Freestyle relay we got 3rd
200 Freestyle I got 8th
200 IM I got 12th

There were nearly 500 swimmers from all over the South Island.

Thank you for reading. I will keep you posted....


  1. Great results Charlie, well done. You must be very proud. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to continuing to follow your achievements.

  2. Hi Charlie

    That is awesome results for your swimming, can't wait for more posts.

  3. Hey Charlie,
    great results on your swimming lesson. I like you have said what place you came.
    But Next time before you post proof read you piece of writing or get someone one else to read it for you.
    Keep up the great work