Friday, 18 July 2014

Well, it is nearly the end of the holidays they went too quick!
We went out for dinner last night to Fat Sally's which was yummy.  This last week I have been swimming and playing with Dad on the Xbox.  We got a new game called Don Bradman Cricket.  Don was the best batsman in the world and played for Australia.  We have had a lot of laughs playing each other I am usually Australia and Dad is New Zealand. Don Bradman is the only player who doesn't wear any helmet because he played 80 years ago when they didn't wear them.  I won most of the games because Australia are good all-rounders.
I bowled Dad's best batsman on the very first ball which was especially good because Dad had been skiting before he came out.
On the way to swimming last night it was all quiet and I was putting on my shoes at he back door, I heard a noise like horses running, next minute around the corner came Mr Grinch chased by Benson it looked hilarious.

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  1. Wow Charlie, I love reading your ongoing stories. Mr Benson sounds like a real character and I love the way he keeps popping up in your recounts. I really admire the dedication you are showing to your swimming.